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Recommendations stats

Report TypeRecommendations
Annual Report24
Corporate Evaluation330
Country Strategy Evaluation554
Evaluation Synthesis17
Expanded Supervision Report0
Expanded Supervision Report Review Note124
Impact Evaluation22
Knowledge Product3
Project Cluster Evaluation0
Project Completion Report47
Project Completion Report Review Note2328
Project Performance Evaluation Report654
Regional Integration Strategy Evaluation12
Sector Evaluation81
Self-Evaluation Validation Synthesis39
Thematic Evaluation170

Recommendations Highlights

Impact Evaluation of AfDB-Funded Ghana Fufulso-Sawla Road Project

01 Dec 2020 | IE10004 | Impact Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Enhance the Bank’s integrated approach to its road investment to foster development impact in terms of poverty reduction. Evaluation results showed that a road alone is not enough to tackle poverty. The poor, lacking assets to take advantage of better opportunities that a road may bring, benefit from additional support. This suggests that integrated projects are necessary to tackle poverty effectively. Indeed, while the inclusion of community development projects in road projects such as the FSRP make up a small fraction of overall cost, they can make a significant difference, particularly for increasing access to social services. Such projects provide an impetus for amplifying the social impacts of roads, which in the long run brings an added value to multidimensional poverty reduction and inclusive development. Thus, first, the Bank should explore more of these integrated road projects and proactively adopt them as flagships for its inclusive growth, poverty reduction, and rural deve ... More

Evaluation of the AfDB’s Support to the Energy Sector in Africa

17 Nov 2020 | SR10011 | Sector Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Review the targets set for the AfDB’s contribution to meeting the NDEA’s objectives and assign clear accountabilities that are cascaded through the respective complexes. The targets set for the AfDB’s contribution to meeting the NDEA’s objectives should be reviewed to reflect available financial resources – particularly with the successful GCI-VII and the ADF replenishment – as well as the timeline for delivering the strategy. The needed financing for the NDEA targets could still be further trimmed down by increasing local content in projects procurement (e.g. services, goods, and works). This would contribute to other High-5 objectives such as industrialization and job creation. Assigning clear accountabilities that are cascaded through the respective Complexes is also critical. To this end PEVP could play a coordinating role – but other Complexes also need to deliver, e.g. policy advice, mobilization, other sectors - energy demand, etc. ... More

Egypt Country Strategy and Program Evaluation 2009-2018

30 Sep 2020 | CA10071 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

The Bank’s pipeline and next Egypt CSP should strike an appropriate balance between budget support and investment operations underpinned by the Bank’s comparative advantage. Both lending modalities have responded to the changing country context and performed well over the evaluation period. Going forward, consider focusing on the following: 1) The fiscal situation in Egypt could change suddenly due to volatility of the economy and global economic shocks. In such cases, if the Bank initiates a PBO, it should build on the experience gained over the years in implementing this lending modality to strengthen or further pursue reforms; 2) Building on the Bank’s strong portfolio in infrastructure development in the poorer regions of the country; supporting investments in improving connectivity that will help bring disadvantaged regions into the economic mainstream; 3) Through enhancing partnerships and coordination with other development partners, venture into supporting the emerging priori ... More

Impact Evaluation of the African Development Bank-supported small-scale irrigation projects in Malawi

28 Sep 2020 | IE10003 | Impact Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Support capacity and governance systems of local institutions. The Bank should support institutional capacity building including the governance systems of WUAs or WUGs, who are the direct beneficiaries of the irrigation schemes and entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining and operating the irrigation schemes. Capacity building should include: i) training for members of the associations or groups in financial management, ii) procedures for getting legal status, iii) commercial farming, iv) scheme management, and v) agronomic practices. In this approach, the Bank should first ensure the use of existing infrastructures before embarking on similar interventions in Malawi. ... More

Mali Country Strategy and Program Evaluation for the period 2005-2019

22 Sep 2020 | CA10072 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Recipient: Bank and Beneficiary

Increase the private sector’s share in the portfolio, mostly in sectors of the real economy with high growth potential like agro-industry, transport and energy. This includes encouragement and support to expedite the study of projects initiated by private enterprises. ... More

Evaluation of the AfDB’s Private Sector Development Strategy (2013-2019)

17 Jul 2020 | SR10010 | Sector Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Adapt the institutional arrangements for PSD operations in the Bank to maximize development effectiveness, efficiency and synergies, and ensure there is an overall view of the objectives, activities and results of all PSD activities. ... More

Evaluation of the Bank’s Role in Increasing Access to Finance in Africa - Thematic Evaluation

17 Jul 2020 | TR10031 | Thematic Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Focus the Bank’s strategic priorities, which are broadly defined in the current FSDPS document. Separately revise the strategy and update the policy to address conceptual and practical concerns in the current FSDPS. Develop a clear theory of change of how FSD contributes to economic growth and inclusion. Prepare a business plan to be approved by the Senior Management detailing realistic actions to be undertaken in the short, medium and longer term, by type of country. ... More

Management Action Record System (MARS) Status of Adoption of Independent Development Evaluation’s Recommendations 2019 Report

13 Jul 2020 | KP10009 | Knowledge Product

Recipient: Bank

Compliance and timeliness: Management should strengthen a culture of results and accountability by i) continuing to track the implementation of the actions it agreed to take in response to IDEV’s evaluation recommendations; and ii) holding Departments accountable for the timely implementation of these actions, including through the use of KPIs ... More

Independent evaluation of the African Development Bank Group’s strategy for addressing fragility and building resilience in Africa (2014–2019)

03 Jul 2020 | CO10025 | Corporate Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Revise the Strategy to make prevention one of its principles of engagement and strengthen its overall relevance by aligning its dimensions of fragility with those of CRFA while taking into account migration and forced displacement as potential factors of fragility. Clear guidance should be given to improve selectivity in the context of fragility. ... More

Mobilizing Resources for a Water Secure Africa: An Independent Evaluation of the African Water Facility (2005-2018)

29 Jun 2020 | TR10030 | Thematic Evaluation

Recipient: Beneficiary

The AWF should be more flexible, nimble and efficient, to maintain its comparative advantage and fulfill its mandate, in collaboration with AfDB. ... More