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Recommendations stats

Report TypeRecommendations
Annual Report24
Corporate Evaluation350
Country Strategy Evaluation580
Evaluation Synthesis17
Expanded Supervision Report Review Note147
Impact Evaluation28
Knowledge Product3
Project Cluster Evaluation0
Project Completion Report47
Project Completion Report Review Note2850
Project Performance Evaluation Report654
Regional Integration Strategy Evaluation12
Sector Evaluation81
Self-Evaluation Validation Synthesis43
Thematic Evaluation185

Recommendations Highlights

Impact Evaluation of the AfDB-supported Public Finance Modernization Support Project in DR Congo

17-Jan-2023 | IE10005 | Impact Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Strengthening institutional support projects in the governance sector to ensure the long term sustainability of outcomes. To this end, the following actions could be envisaged: 1) Integrating institutional and financial arrangements for managing and maintaining infrastructure, transport equipment, and IT systems into the projects. This could include establishing or strengthening entities responsible for maintenance planning and financing. 2) Incorporating a human resources management component into institutional support projects to ensure staff retention. This could include the development of continuous training and career plans. ... More

Djibouti: Country Strategy and Program Evaluation 2011-2020

23-Nov-2022 | CA10075 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Set realistic (strategic and operational) objectives considering the resources available for Bank assistance as well as national constraints on the implementation of operations. ... More

Benin: Evaluation of Country Strategy and Program 2012-2021

13-May-2022 | CA10077 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Improve the sustainability of the outcomes of Bank operations: The Bank should help to establish management and maintenance systems for project infrastructure, equipment and services. ... More

Evaluation of the African Development Bank Group’s Transition Support Facility

01-Apr-2022 | TR10034 | Thematic Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Enhance the quality of project design, implementation, monitoring, and the reporting of results of TSF operations, tailoring them better to the difficult implementation context of fragile situations. The Bank is advised to put in place adequate mechanisms to monitor and track TSF results throughout the project cycle to: (i) improve TSF project designs with clear results frameworks that are adequately funded and last long enough to achieve the envisaged development results; (ii) promote continued attention for TSF operations during project implementation; and (iii) improve measurement and reporting on the results achieved. ... More

Impact Evaluation of the AfDB-supported Kenya Last Mile Connectivity Project, Phase 1

18-Feb-2022 | IE10006 | Impact Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Ensure the sustainability of project benefits. Priority areas of action to consider include: i) Strengthening the organizational and operational capacity capacity of KPLC through non-lending instruments such as technical assistance from trust funds, special funds, and grants; ii) Enhancing meaningful participation and engagement of community leaders and beneficiaries throughout the project cycle. ... More

Uganda Country Strategy and Program Evaluation, 2011-2021

09-Feb-2022 | CA10076 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Adapt the CSP priorities to the country context in the areas of skills development and private sector growth. The main focus of the Bank’s second pillar was vocational education and training. However, given the government’s preference not to borrow for human capital development operations, the Bank can consider supporting skills development and youth employment in other ways. The Bank might reorient as follows: i) Continue or expand training as a component of the Bank’s conventional infrastructure operations, leaving more generic skills and vocational training to grant-based development partners; ii) Focus on supporting private sector development that creates jobs for youth. ... More

Angola Country Strategy and Program Evaluation (2011-2020)

23-Nov-2021 | CA10078 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Recipient: Bank and Beneficiary

Enhance dialogue between the Government and the Bank’s Project Management Units to address operational and implementation issues. Clear steps should be taken to ensure that: i) The design of investment operations includes feasibility studies that consider the institutional capacity (including in procurement and financial management) needed for effective implementation; ii) The Bank addresses the Portuguese language needs in a systematic way to ensure effective dialogue with the Government on project implementation and policy issues; iii) An adequate results-based M&E system is put in place to meet the data/information needs for program monitoring and strategic decision-making. ... More

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Bank’s Results Measurement Framework, 2016-2025

05-Nov-2021 | CO10033 | Corporate Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Improve the RMF design. Priority areas of action to consider include: i) Updating the theory of change and related indicators to align them with changes in Africa's development context and the Bank’s emerging priorities; ii) Ensuring consistency and business cycle synchronisation between the RMF 2016–2025, the TYS (2013–2022), and the Bank's upcoming Corporate Strategy (2023–). In line with other MDBs, the TYS and RMF should be the centerpiece of results measurement and reporting for both accountability and learning; iii) Reconciling the Bank’s ambitions with its resources by reviewing the targets set across the RMF levels to ensure that they are ambitious yet realistic. ... More

Rwanda: Evaluation of the AfDB Country Strategy and Program (2012-2021)

29-Oct-2021 | CA10079 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

The Bank should maintain a focus on key sectors while improving selectivity in its support to the country: 1) Consolidating results achieved to date, the Bank should continue its support to transport, water supply and sanitation, and energy; 2) Strike a balance between the “hard” and “soft” components of support (including dialogue and knowledge products) in all Bank interventions; 3) Ensure appropriate sequencing of interventions to address institutional weaknesses in terms of implementation capacities. ... More

Evaluation of the Ex-Ante Additionality and Development Outcome Assessment Framework 2.0

22-Oct-2021 | TR10036 | Thematic Evaluation

Recipient: Bank

Further improve the ADOA’s assessment of additionality. Priority areas of action to consider include: i) Revisiting ADOA’s unique approach of considering only the collective additionality of all participating DFIs, and rather emphasize the totality of the Bank’s additionality. For example, the Bank could consider either dropping the rating of additionality and leaving it up to decision-makers to decide whether there is sufficient additionality, in light of other considerations, or alternatively using an aggregate score (rather than a rating) of additionality; ii) Reconsidering the Bank’s rating of additionality on the highest source of additionality; iii) Giving greater prominence to mobilization of private finance, an increasingly important aspect of additionality for all MDBs is the crowding-in of other sources of finance, particularly private finance; iv) Giving more attention in the assessment of additionality (in particular financial additionality) to the extent to which the B ... More