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Evaluation Of The African Development Bank Group’s Program Based Operations: Private Sector Enabling Environment Cluster

25 Apr 2019 | CE10005 | Cluster Evaluation

Strategic relevance: PBOs are relevant, and an integral part of the Bank’s portfolio, as they can play a strategic role in satisfying the development objectives of the Bank, and those of the RMCs and DPs. In general, the PBO instrument has been relevant to strengthen PSE and governance related reforms and has proven its potential to help the continent reaching the High 5s through supporting cross-cutting issues of PFM and PSE. While HQ staff have played an important role, the capacity of the AfDB to seize the opportunities offered by the instrument has often depended on the actual engagement of the relevant country/regional offices. ... More

Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Program Based Operations: Energy Governance Cluster

25 Apr 2019 | CE10004 | Cluster Evaluation

With the exception of Crisis Response Budget Support, PBOs should be structured as medium-term operations, based upon three to four tranches over the same number of years and, and should largely be a part of a sequence of multi-year PBO operations ... More

Cabo Verde: Evaluation of the Bank's Country Strategy and Program, 2008-2017

28 Nov 2018 | CA10067 | Country Assistance Evaluation

Solid progress was made on governance reforms, but the desired outcomes in terms of fiscal consolidation and higher levels of inclusive growth were not fully achieved. Getting policies and institutional arrangements right is important, but the supply response depends on international market conditions as well as other factors, beyond Bank control. A hardening of aid terms and Cabo Verde’s rising public debt levels have also limited room for fiscal maneuver. ... More

Do lines of credit attain their development objectives ?

13 Nov 2018 | ES10003 | Evaluation Synthesis

The reporting obligations on development results. IFIs need to be made more accountable and transparent with respect to reporting on LOC effectiveness. In turn, IFIs should be more proactive in holding FIs to account for reporting on LOC development objective obligations. This implies better assessing the capacity of FIs to deploy LOCs in accordance with the IFI's target beneficiaries, rather than continuing to partner with the same large FIs. There is a need, however, to consider the trade-off between increasing the scope and the quality of M&E and the associated costs. A corollary to this is that achieving the right incentives between IFIs and FIs is paramount. ... More

Evaluation of the Bank’s Country Strategy and Program in the Republic of Malawi (2005-2016)

05 Oct 2018 | CA10066 | Country Assistance Evaluation

Clear definition of beneficiaries. When the beneficiaries of the interventions are described in overly generic terms, they tend to be seen as a numerical target to be reached, and therefore the supervision and management of the projects tend to become input- and process focused, rather than outcome focused. Beneficiaries need to be as astutely described as possible so that the effects of the targeted ‘benefits’ can be monitored. Specific baselines are to be established upfront and constantly updated with valid information. ... More

Independent Evaluation of AfDB's Program Based Operations, 2012-2017

05 Oct 2018 | TR10028 | Thematic Review

Medium-term engagement. Structural reform objectives targeted by PBOs can in most contexts only be attained through continuous, gradual change – consolidating improvements on a year-to-year basis. While single year PBOs may be appropriate to stabilize fiscal and macroeconomic crises, they are rarely suitable to support medium term reforms unless they are focused on removing a blockage that can allow a programmatic approach afterwards. ... More

Independent evaluation of the Congo basin forest fund

16 Jul 2018 | TR10026 | Thematic Review

Having an open-format fund, not too tightly bound to a results framework, whose purpose is wed to the fertilisation of new ideas and the stimulation of innovation in forest management and human development in the Congo Basin Forest, is of itself a good idea. As such, the cessation of the CBFF in 2018 will leave a void. ... More

Powering Africa Through Interconnection Cluster Evaluation Report

10 Apr 2018 | CE10002 | Cluster Evaluation

Projects need to be designed and implemented with realistic timeframes, if they are to deliver efficiently theirs results. Realistic loan conditions ensure an effective project implementation and avoid delays and cost over-runs. The project cluster design did not set realistic timeframes that are based on solid analysis and assessment of potential risks, for borrowers to fulfill loan conditions so as not to create undue delays that could affect project schedules and cost. Moreover, no conditions were instituted to motivate borrowers to fulfill the loan conditions, particularly those relating to first disbursement so as not to create changes in the project environments that can throw cost estimates out of range. In fact, all the completed projects in the cluster, experienced completion delays, largely as a result of delays in effectiveness. The Bank has scope for improvement particularly with regards to realistic loan conditions that limit effectiveness time. More thorough due diligence ... More

Spurring Local Socio-Economic Development Through Rural Electrification

10 Apr 2018 | CE10001 | Cluster Evaluation

Missing critical risk analysis and adequate risk mitigation measures can contribute to substantial project implementation delays and inefficiencies. ... More

Strengthening Agricultural Value Chains to Feed Africa

03 Apr 2018 | CE10003 | Cluster Evaluation

Insufficient analysis in AVCD design constrains achievement of outcomes and impact while comprehensive VC analysis guides implementation and responsiveness to markets changes and contexts. ... More