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Strengthening Agricultural Water Management to Feed Africa

28 Feb 2020 | CE10006 | Project Cluster Evaluation

AWM intervention design, based on an integrated framework that considers trade and market development changes and contexts (agricultural sector, agricultural water use, market actors), matters for achievement of desired development results. ... More

Reaching the most vulnerable: Scaling Up Service Delivery in Urban Water Supply and Sanitation

28 Feb 2020 | CE10007 | Project Cluster Evaluation

Project design needs a sound preparatory phase, with adequate and updated feasibility studies, if implementation is to be successful. ... More

Evaluation Synthesis of Gender Mainstreaming at the African Development Bank

31 Jan 2020 | ES10007 | Evaluation Synthesis

Clear senior management commitment at the corporate and sectoral levels should be supported by internal accountabilities, adequate resourcing and visibility. This calls for enhanced commitment to, and visibility of, an inclusive approach to inward- and outward-looking gender-related efforts, e.g. update of the 2006 Presidential Directive on harassment, quantifying the annual administrative budget for gender issues, and piloting of Key Performance Indicators and reward systems that foster motivation and accountability. ... More

Lessons on the Effectiveness of Development Partnerships: An Evaluation Synthesis

06 Nov 2019 | ES10006 | Evaluation Synthesis

Successful DPs are strategically anchored and well-coordinated. Partnerships work best when partners are adaptive and able to respond to opportunities arising out of evolving country or regional circumstances. The partnership vision of the institution should be shared with, and allowed to permeate, all levels of the organization. Staff should be well-equipped to deal with issues arising from shared responsibilities. Business management processes need to be flexible enough to allow for a degree of decentralized delegation of authority. ... More

West Africa RISP Completion Report Validation

09 Sep 2019 | RI10003 | Regional Integration Strategy Evaluation

Provide a brief description of any agreement/disagreement with all or part of the lessons learned from the RISP CR. Additional and/or reformulated pertinent (and generic) lessons learned will be provided here, if any are identified. ... More

South Africa: Country Strategy Paper 2013-2017 Completion Report Validation Note

01 Jul 2019 | CA10070 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Development challenges of South Africa is characterized by high poverty, unemployment and income inequality. A well-balanced mix of macroeconomic, structural and microeconomic policies focusing on improvement of overall business environment is essential to address these challenges. The policy mix should not only facilitate investments in the prerequisite infrastructure but also reforms of legal and regulatory frameworks to remove restrictions preventing private sector actors from entering the market (crowding-in) and provide direct support to transformative industries. The policy mix needs to include regional integration, maintaining macroeconomic stability and skills development. The observation is appropriate and correctly identifies the need at strategic level to pay more attention to the specific needs and challenges of South Africa as an upper MIC, and to accelerating reindustrialization to address overarching challenges of the Dual Economy. However, the role that the Bank can pla ... More

Independent Evaluation of the Implementation of the Development and Business Delivery Model of AfDB

30 May 2019 | CO10024 | Corporate Evaluation

While there is compelling evidence that setting ambitious/‘stretch’ targets can agitate the system, provide inspiration, contribute to stimulating innovation and increase the urgency for organisational change, the objectives also have to be feasible. ... More

Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Program Based Operations: Energy Governance Cluster

25 Apr 2019 | CE10004 | Project Cluster Evaluation

With the exception of Crisis Response Budget Support, PBOs should be structured as medium-term operations, based upon three to four tranches over the same number of years and, and should largely be a part of a sequence of multi-year PBO operations ... More

Evaluation Of The African Development Bank Group’s Program Based Operations: Private Sector Enabling Environment Cluster

25 Apr 2019 | CE10005 | Project Cluster Evaluation

Strategic relevance: PBOs are relevant, and an integral part of the Bank’s portfolio, as they can play a strategic role in satisfying the development objectives of the Bank, and those of the RMCs and DPs. In general, the PBO instrument has been relevant to strengthen PSE and governance related reforms and has proven its potential to help the continent reaching the High 5s through supporting cross-cutting issues of PFM and PSE. While HQ staff have played an important role, the capacity of the AfDB to seize the opportunities offered by the instrument has often depended on the actual engagement of the relevant country/regional offices. ... More

Cabo Verde: Evaluation of the Bank's Country Strategy and Program, 2008-2017

28 Nov 2018 | CA10067 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Solid progress was made on governance reforms, but the desired outcomes in terms of fiscal consolidation and higher levels of inclusive growth were not fully achieved. Getting policies and institutional arrangements right is important, but the supply response depends on international market conditions as well as other factors, beyond Bank control. A hardening of aid terms and Cabo Verde’s rising public debt levels have also limited room for fiscal maneuver. ... More