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Lessons stats

Report TypeLessons
Annual Report26
Corporate Evaluation93
Country Strategy Evaluation184
Evaluation Synthesis35
Expanded Supervision Report0
Expanded Supervision Report Review Note287
Impact Evaluation16
Knowledge Product20
Project Cluster Evaluation51
Project Completion Report114
Project Completion Report Review Note3388
Project Performance Evaluation Report242
Regional Integration Strategy Evaluation1
Sector Evaluation40
Self-Evaluation Validation Synthesis7
Thematic Evaluation85

Lessons Highlights

Gabon: Evaluation of the Bank’s Country Strategy and Program (2011-2020)

02-Jul-2021 | CA10073 | Country Strategy Evaluation

Policy dialogue, driven by in-depth analysis of the country context, challenges and institutional machinery, helps to improve strategy and program design and delivery. ... More

Evaluation of the Partnerships at the African Development Bank Group, 2008-2019

25-May-2021 | TR10032 | Thematic Evaluation

A more precise definition of strategic direction contributes to the successful mainstreaming of partnerships. Partnerships should be created and managed based on clear high-level priorities. They were found effective when well-coordinated and in line with the Bank’s core strengths. Comparative advantages of the Bank matter in partnerships, but they should be analyzed rather than assumed, and used as a basis for exploring synergies and potential partnerships with other development partners. ... More

Evaluation of the AfDB’s Country Portfolio Review and Restructuring Policy

19-Mar-2021 | CO10029 | Corporate Evaluation

Designing a policy instrument with too many objectives and multiple target audiences risks a loss of focus and effectiveness. The CPR was meant to be a management tool to deal with implementation issues, a strategic instrument to provide inputs to the CSP, and an accountability report to the Board. With six objectives and four primary uses, the CPRs were unfocused and in the end could not satisfactorily meet most expectations. ... More

Evaluation of Mainstreaming Green Growth and Climate Change into the AfDB's Interventions: Energy and Transport Cluster

02-Mar-2021 | CE10010 | Project Cluster Evaluation

Establishing a clear strategic sector framework supported by complementary policies and strategies can support the mainstreaming of GG-CC considerations in sector interventions. In the case of the energy sector, the Energy Policy, Ten-Year Strategy (TYS) and the New Deal on Energy for Africa all have a clear integration of GG-CC considerations. In contrast, the transport sector lacks an equivalent overarching strategic framework and has only recently begun to substantively engage with GG-CC issues. ... More

Evaluation of Mainstreaming Green Growth and Climate Change into the AfDB's Interventions

02-Mar-2021 | CO10028 | Corporate Evaluation

Where specialized GG-CC units are located higher in an MDB’s structure, GG-CC results are better achieved. All MDBs have a specialist unit in charge of GG-CC, but its location in the organization hierarchy varies. The higher up in the organization the unit is located, the more effective it can be at seizing opportunities, influencing decisions and resource allocation, and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of mainstreaming efforts. ... More

Evaluation of the AfDB’s Engagement with Civil Society

23-Feb-2021 | CO10027 | Corporate Evaluation

Inadequate internal awareness limited the use of existing CSE mechanisms and institutional structures (CSO database, CSO Officers, CSE Framework) aimed at enhancing CSE. This in turn hindered the achievement of the desired outcomes. ... More

Synthesis Report on the Validation of 2014-2019 Expanded Supervision Reports

16-Feb-2021 | VS10007 | Self-Evaluation Validation Synthesis

Working with good sponsors is the most deterministic factor in overall project success. The quality of the sponsor managing the project/company is critical to the project’s business success, which in turn is essential if the project is to realize its intended development outcome. A good sponsor could be a sponsor with sound market knowledge, a comparative advantage, deep pockets (for cost overruns or trading losses), trustworthy, and/or an experienced manager or leader in the industry or sector where the project is implemented. Finally, good contacts in the local economy for sourcing suppliers or for hiring local sub-contractors are all important. ... More

Synthesis Report on the Validation of 2018 Project Completion Reports

18-Dec-2020 | VS10006 | Self-Evaluation Validation Synthesis

Project preparation and design : i) Incorporating lessons from previous projects is necessary for quality project design, but not consistently done. ii) Adequate time and resources are needed for project preparation. Rushing such arrangements due to political pressure or in emergency contexts risks poor selection of components/outputs and outcomes. iii) Ensuring wider stakeholder consultations is important to effectively capture the views of local communities during the design and formulation of programs. iv) Integrating crosscutting issues like water supply and improvement of access to social services is an essential part of effective project planning during preparation. v) Where a project comprises a road network expansion, there should be a clear methodology for selecting the links to be improved. Packaging road contracts in “manageable” lengths should be encouraged to reduce costs and timely completion of projects. vi) Projects with adequately identified and assessed risks and miti ... More

Impact Evaluation of AfDB-Funded Ghana Fufulso-Sawla Road Project

01-Dec-2020 | IE10004 | Impact Evaluation

Integrating community development interventions into road transport infrastructure brings an added value to, and fast tracks, the Bank’s poverty reduction, job creation, and inclusive development efforts. Results from the evaluation showed that combining road construction with the construction of market centers and schools in a largely rural context yielded additional positive impacts on multidimensional poverty reduction. This underscores the need to pay close attention to the context when designing such integrated road interventions. ... More

Egypt Country Strategy and Program Evaluation 2009-2018

30-Sep-2020 | CA10071 | Country Strategy Evaluation

A strong country ownership and relationship with the country, and flexibility in the design and delivery of Bank support, is essential when the country is undergoing rapid transition. ... More