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Gabon: Evaluation of the Bank’s Country Strategy and Program (2011-2020)
02-Jul-2021 | CA10073 | Country Strategy Evaluation | Gabon

The evaluation covers the last two Country Strategy Paper cycles (CSPs 2011-2015 and 2016-2020) and aims to analyze the performance of Bank interventions in Gabon and their contribution to the country's development outcomes. It also seeks to draw lessons from the Bank's experience, particularly the success and failure factors that affect outcomes to improve the design and implementation of future Bank strategies and programs in Gabon. The analysis also took account of projects approved before 2011 but completed during the period under review.

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Evaluation of the Partnerships at the African Development Bank Group, 2008-2019
25-May-2021 | TR10032 | Thematic Evaluation

This evaluation was carried out in the context of changes in the development aid environment, the emergence of non-traditional development partners, and the shift of traditional development partners toward bilateralism. It was preceded in an initial phase by an evaluation synthesis on the effectiveness of development partnerships (see Annex 8 in Volume 2 for the main lessons from this synthesis). The evaluation comprehensively assessed the Bank’s approach to DPs to support its efforts to achieve the Ten-Year Strategy (TYS) objectives and the High 5s

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Evaluation of the AfDB’s Country Portfolio Review and Restructuring Policy
19-Mar-2021 | CO10029 | Corporate Evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation is to inform the revision of the Bank’s portfolio review and restructuring policy and its related guidelines. The main objectives of the evaluation are to: i) assess the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the current institutional framework for portfolio review and restructuring, both for sovereign and non-sovereign portfolios; ii) review the approaches, processes, format and content of the CPR/RPR reviews towards achieving effectiveness and efficiency; iii) identify best practices in portfolio review and restructuring from other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and relevant organizations engaged in private sector (non-sovereign) operations; iv) assess the effectiveness of country and regional reviews as a dialogue tool to ensure delivery of results from the Bank’s program in Regional Member Countries (RMCs); and v) provide recommendations for improving the CPR/RPR reviews, including reforms in the policy and institutional framework, as well as approaches, processes, and practices in format and content.

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Evaluation of Mainstreaming Green Growth and Climate Change into the AfDB's Interventions: Energy and Transport Cluster
02-Mar-2021 | CE10010 | Project Cluster Evaluation | Cameroon, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal

This cluster evaluation is one of six building blocks that evaluate the mainstreaming of GG-CC into the AfDB's interventions. The overarching purpose of the evaluation is to take stock of, and assess, the mainstreaming of GG-CC in the AfDB’s interventions approved between 2008 and 2018. This project cluster evaluation covers a cluster of seven energy and transport projects in five countries: Cameroon, Morocco, Mozambique, Rwanda and Senegal, for a total value of UA 394,426,740.

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Evaluation of Mainstreaming Green Growth and Climate Change into the AfDB's Interventions
02-Mar-2021 | CO10028 | Corporate Evaluation

The purpose of the Evaluation of Mainstreaming Green Growth and Climate Change into the AfDB's Interventions, approved between 2008 and 2018, was to (i) support management and operational staff in addressing the strategic, conceptual and implementation issues related to the Bank’s interventions (mainstreaming and project performance) in its Regional Member Countries (RMCs); (ii) promote learning within and outside the Bank by identifying lessons and recommendations on how the Bank could contribute most effectively in improving the design and delivery of its interventions that mainstream GG-CC; and (iii) account to the Board and other stakeholders for the results of the Bank projects in mainstreaming GG-CC.

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Evaluation of the AfDB’s Engagement with Civil Society
23-Feb-2021 | CO10027 | Corporate Evaluation

The main evaluation questions were: (i) To what extent is the Bank’s conceptualization of CSE relevant and coherent? (ii) How effectively and efficiently has CSE been operationalized in the Bank since 2012 at the corporate, RMC, and project levels? (iii) To what extent have the Bank’s processes and mechanisms for CSE facilitated meaningful engagement with civil society at the three levels and across the three focus areas (outreach, dialogue, and partnership) defined in the Bank’s CSE Framework? (iv) Which lessons and best practices can the Bank apply to enhance CSE for inclusive growth?

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Synthesis Report on the Validation of 2014-2019 Expanded Supervision Reports
16-Feb-2021 | VS10007 | Self-Evaluation Validation Synthesis

This synthesis report aims to achieve the following three main objectives: a) Results Reporting: Private Sector Development is recognized as an engine of sustainable and inclusive economic growth. b) Contribute to Learning: The Bank fosters knowledge to ensure high-quality operations and to enhance the capacity of its clients in Regional Member Countries (RMCs); c) Build Self-Evaluation Capacity. IDEV continues to build evaluation capacity within the Bank and on the continent through various initiatives and partnerships. The report supports building self- evaluation capacity within the Bank by providing an assessment of the quality and coverage of XSRs and by showing the disconnect between self and independent ratings of project performance. The report will contribute to improvement in the quality and coverage of future XSRs produced by the Bank’s operations departments

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Synthesis Report on the Validation of 2018 Project Completion Reports
18-Dec-2020 | VS10006 | Self-Evaluation Validation Synthesis

The primary purpose of this report is to help Bank Management and operational staff to improve the quality of future PCRs, project design and implementation, and the reporting of development effectiveness by synthesizing credible evidence on PCR quality, project performance, and key lessons for consideration. Specifically, this synthesis report summarizes the: 1) Key results of the 2018 PCRENs, focusing on PCR quality and the performance of the projects, Bank and Borrowers; and 2) Key lessons for improving the quality of PCRs and project results performance. The results of the validation are expected to be disseminated widely to the Bank’s Board, Management and staff, and shared with the public through discussions, workshops, printed reports, IDEV activities, and the Bank’s website

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Impact Evaluation of AfDB-Funded Ghana Fufulso-Sawla Road Project
01-Dec-2020 | IE10004 | Impact Evaluation | Ghana | Transport

The objectives of this impact evaluation were: (i) to estimate the impacts of AfDB-supported integrated infrastructure projects on key intermediate and long-term outcomes; (ii) to identify explanatory factors that affect the development outcomes of the project; and (iii) to generate lessons and provide recommendations for improving the impacts of integrated infrastructure interventions.

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Evaluation of the AfDB’s Support to the Energy Sector in Africa
17-Nov-2020 | SR10011 | Sector Evaluation | Power

The evaluation aims to help the Bank’s Management to account for its investments by determining the extent to which the Bank has contributed to the development of the energy sector in the RMCs; and to learn from its operational experience by identifying lessons on how the Bank can contribute most effectively to improving the performance of the energy sector.

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