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Second Rural Electrification Project

PN10453 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 28-Feb-2013

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4) Timely mobilisation of counterpart funding prevents implementation delays and improves project efficiency.

8) Choice of passages that made it possible to electrify other localities not envisaged in the project: By using the corridors of existing roads (tarred or lateritic) for the passage of MV power lines, a significant number of localities have been crossed or are situated close to power grids. This has eased their electrification within the framework of national projects and those sponsored by NGOs and other donors.

1) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : The Borrower and the Bank must ensure that technical and economic studies are carried out during project preparation.

2) Recipient(s): Bank : For the Bank, in future, ensure an activity’s feasibility before including it in a project. This feasibility must be backed by available technical and economic studies.

3) Recipient(s): Bank and Beneficiary : When designing a project whose implementation depends on another donor, the Borrower and the Bank must ensure that sufficient guarantees are provided within the deadlines of the latter, to avoid recourse to less economical alternative solutions.

4) Recipient(s): Executing Agency : In the design of rural electrification projects, the choice of lane corridors should not only be limited to localities selected in the project, but also take into account the subsequent possibilities offered to other localities. Indeed, the choice of rout

5) Recipient(s): Bank and Beneficiary : The Bank and the Borrower must conduct a risk analysis of the supply of equipment under State control and design mitigation and/or alternative measures. SBEE did not deliver the reinforced concrete poles (PBA) on time, as part of the works by direct labou

6) Recipient(s): Bank and Co-Financier : Executing agencies and the Bank must ensure that the quantities provided for at appraisal are respected, to avoid significant overruns of the budgets allocated to the various components. In the event of any necessary modification for the Borrower, the lat

7) Recipient(s): Bank : Consideration should be given to finding the most effective way to manage counterpart contribution disbursement for future Bank projects in Benin; a new provision, which no longer authorises the payment of counterpart contributions into project accounts,

8) Recipient(s): Bank : The Bank should provide for sanctions in the event of non-provision of audit reports on time.



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