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Governance Reform Support Programme (PARG) - Institutional Support Component

PN10381 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 02-Jan-2012

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5) Reforms implementation: Dialogue with national authorities must contribute to ensuring that structures charged with implementing the targeted reforms have minimum capacity and resources to play their leading role or that capacity is significantly strengthened as quickly as possible, as the case may be.

10) Donor coordination: The disconnect between the support offered by some donors operating in the same sector points to the need for greater donor coordination, with the Chadian Government taking the lead. It is especially necessary within a fragile State context to strengthen dialogue with donors on how to allocate resources, especially in the capacity building and governance sectors.

11) TFP coordination: The complexity and scope of public finance management and governance reforms require long-term donor support. The formalization of a consultative framework not only allows for better targeting of aid, but also enhances the outputs obtained and spurs the necessary support. The TFP consultative framework that has just been put in place through the Bank’s impetus is a very positive development that will also help the Chadian Government not to relent its efforts.

1) Recipient(s): Bank : For the Bank Group: As part of its future sectoral interventions, it is important to improve skills transfer arrangements and strengthen the involvement of services, as soon as projects are set up, in monitoring and evaluation of outputs, outcomes and imp



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