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Ethiopia-Djibouti Power Interconnection Project

PN10371 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 23-Nov-2011

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1) The project was successfully implemented between Ethiopia and Djibouti having different cultures, speaking different languages and disparity in institutional and human development in the management of the utilities. These disparities, have been overcome, thanks to, the (i) the trust developed between the utilities, (ii) political support extended by the two Governments and (iii) given that Electricité de Djibouti (EdD) had relatively limited experience in the implementation of similar projects, the close cooperation between the PIUs and appointment of experienced Joint Project Coordinator (JPC) from Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO) played vital roles for successful completion of the project. It is therefore to be recognized that in spite of disparity in institutional capacity and cultural & language differences, regional projects can be successfully implemented if there is a strong political commitment and institutional cooperation

3) In Ethiopia, the main performance weakness noted then was implementation delays of projects implemented by EEPCo. Also the lack in supervision contributed to both late project`s starting and ending. This led to Borrowers/Executing Agencies to ask for supplementary financing from the Bank due to high tender prices. The Bank should stick with the number of supervision missions mentioned in the appraisal

2) Recipient(s): Bank : The Bank must continue engaging the Borrowers/Executing Agencies towards fulfilling the conditions of loan

5) Recipient(s): Bank : The Bank should speed the process to issue the PCR and involves the Borrowers/Executing Agencies in the preparation of the PCR.


P-Z1-FA0-008, P-Z1-FA0-010, P-Z1-FA0-023, P-Z1-FA0-025

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