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Traditional Fishing and Fish-farming Development Project

PN10357 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 17-Aug-2011

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2) Adopting a participatory approach with stakeholders, particularly women, as a strategy for intervention in a small-scale fishery and aquaculture project facilitates ownership of project equipment and services and enables the relevant technical institutions to act directly in the field with the backing of beneficiary communities, which provide the full financing of investments through their own financial contributions, and cover the cost of running their farms and acquiring the requisite equipment and materials.

3) The successful management of the credit component by microfinance institutions could be the result of a sound analysis of the sector at appraisal and rigorous selection based on the competence and prudential standards of the Central Bank of Guinea.

6) Despite the recurrently unstable socio-political situation, through ongoing dialogue between the Borrower and the Bank the requisite corrective measures were taken to resolve the problems arising in the course of project implementation.

8) Awarding all works to a single contractor in a context of dispersed and extremely isolated work sites only led to the extension of deadlines for works completion.

10) Setting up a monitoring and evaluation mechanism at project start-up with the requisite financial resources and an appropriate team (M & E specialists and data analyst) is essential to ensuring proper management and objective evaluation of stakeholder performance.

12) Inadequate analysis of the political risks and those related to the volatility of the Guinean currency had a negative effect on compliance with the timeframe. The successive suspensions of the country often hampered the smooth conduct of activities. In the event of suspension, prices of contracts concluded in a given varied drastically, making it necessary to start the process all over

13) The outsourcing of monitoring-evaluation activities by contracting them out to the Boussoura National Fish Science Centre (CNSHB) was an unfortunate experience for the project. As the tasks entrusted to CNSHB were not accomplished as agreed, an essential aspect of the project was lost. Based on this experience, project management teams should always include monitoring-evaluation skills, as a basis for assessment of their performance.

14) The successful example of the credit system, which achieved recovery rates of over 90%, should be retained as a lesson. This performance was attributable to the strategy of bringing the beneficiaries on board by involving the organizations themselves, as well as to the context of a growth-led sector with fewer risks.

1) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : Ensure the completion of pond dam and hatchery works for the production of fingerlings and their exploitation, in order to make the investments already made sustainably profitable.

2) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : Make the necessary financial arrangements for procurement of additional equipment and local financing of the recurrent costs and maintenance of structures and basic infrastructure for the development of fisheries and fish farming, in order to ensure the s

3) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : Ensure the rigorous supervision of the execution of contracts with project service providers, and within the contractual time; and ensure the successful execution of the SERPAG contract.

7) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : Establish a functional monitoring and evaluation system with a number of well-targeted indicators to assess project outputs, outcomes and socio-economic impacts in the retrospective logical framework.

10) Recipient(s): Bank : Take measures to establish the baseline situation of future projects at project commencement to ensure a better analysis of their results at completion.

11) Recipient(s): Bank : Reduce the conditions precedent to the first loan disbursement by improving project quality at entry, through the financing of prior detailed studies; and avoid prior approval by national parliaments to reduce the time needed to meet loan agreements.

13) Recipient(s): Bank : Accelerate the processing of procurement files and the replenishment of the working capital of special project accounts.

14) Recipient(s): Bank : Ensure respect for skills mix, in the context of its project supervision missions.