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Agriculture and Rural Institutions Support Project (ARISP)

PN10335 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 11-Jul-2011

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1) Project management team stability is essential for project performance. The key staff of the project remained in post throughout the duration of the project. This improved the understanding of the project objectives, tasks and the expected outputs and outcomes

3) Limited administrative competence and unfamiliarity with Bank Procedures could impact negatively the implementation and outcome of an otherwise technically sound project, indicating the need for strong and effective project management. ADF could have limited the risk and avoided implementation delays by providing appropriate support, through for example the Country Office in the early stages of project implementation after grant effectiveness

4) Effective Collaboration between institutions responsible for project implementation is important for implementation success. The project was have benefitted strongly from the good collaboration between the implementing agencies and other government agencies including the research institutions

5) The process of satisfying loan conditions can contribute to implementation delays as observed from the five loan conditions precedent to first disbursement under the project

6) Lack of induction course to aquaint management staff with the Bank's rules of procedure was the reason for initial difficulties at project's commencement.

1) Recipient(s): Executing Agency : In view of the potential importance of a Management Information System aimed at improving information management and use, FMA&WR should be encouraged to complete work on the establishment of this tool and also monitor outcomes of the project since this was not possible during project implementation



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