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Education Project V

PN10161 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 18-Jun-2009

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2) By agreeing to finance the project, the Bank responded to a request from the Government. But during the implementation phase, the Government’s decided to withdraw three of the Project major components. The government request to finance to the project should have been subject to more critical analysis at the formulation stage. Conducting preliminary sector studies by the Bank would have probably identified challenges and constraints

3) Project implementation was affected by poor coordination and management. The resources set out at appraisal for the coordination of the project resulted to be insufficient. Since the was no management structure to coordinate the project the steering committee was fragmented in different management units (one per component).

4) According to the Government, complex administrative procedures at country and Bank level hindered project implementation and caused delays. Firms experienced different problems to submit all supporting documents for bids and payment requests.

5) The project did not have its own financial and accounting management system. External funds and national resources were budgeted under each annual budget law. The project’s financial management was the responsibility of 4 different departments: the Accounting Department of the MENJ, the Division for Multilateral Financing, the General Treasury and Government Expenditure Commitment Control of the Ministry of Finance and Privatization. As a result, financial operations and the development of project financial statements were slow and of poor quality.

6) The project’s financial management was shared by several players, which the overall financial management difficult and inefficient. The offices and ministries concerned were: the Ministry of Finance and Privatization (Division for Multilateral Financing, the General Treasury and Government Expenditure Commitment Control) and the sector ministries/beneficiaries of project activities especially the MENJ, the Ministry of Employment, Vocational Training, Social Development and Solidarity, and the Ministry of Regional Planning, Urban Development, Housing and the Environment

7) The construction work was satisfactory on the whole. However, some of the high school buildings have been damaged by acts of vandalism conducted by people living in the areas where the schools were built or by the pupils themselves. This is a serious problem which could endanger school property, if not urgently addressed.



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