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Rural primary health care strengthening project (PRSSB)

PN10113 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 10-Jan-2007

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1) If the transfer of some project management-related responsibilities to the communes and provincial delegations, as part of the decentralisation and deconcentration policy, is not backed by a strengthening of skills, assigned duties will not be properly executed and timetables will not be adhered to, leading to slippages and cost overruns in the works;

2) If compliance with conditions stipulated in the loan agreements (e.g. assigning skilled personnel to the health facilities) is not effectively monitored, this may affect the expected outcome (e.g. failure of some rural dispensaries, community health centres, and specialised services such as the x-ray, laboratory and patient admission units of local hospitals (LH) to operate);

3) Health facilities produce biomedical waste from their operations, it is therefore necessary to conduct an environmental impact assessment study and implement measures to reduce the harmful effects of such waste on the beneficiaries, service providers and the environment.

1) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : (i) Ensure good quality at entry of health sector projects and the proper assessment of the Borrower’s institutional capacities at all hierarchical and geographical levels involved in each project, in order to guarantee its proper execution and implementa



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