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Project for the electrification of 17 rural centres

PN10108 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 21-Nov-2006

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3) A review of the project preparation and implementation process and the results obtained produces some lessons. The late fulfilment of the loan effectiveness and first disbursement conditions often and considerably affect the performance of projects. The borrowing countries should see to the reduction of the loan ratification time and remain within the deadlines acceptable to the Bank. At the same time, the Bank should, during the launching missions, sensitise the authorities on the adequate measures to take to speed up the implementation of loan agreements. From the operational, financial, economic and social standpoints, the project is a real success. However, the analysis of the 24 months slippage on its implementation draws attention to the excessive delays in Benin: i) in the implementation of loan agreements due to their late ratifications, and ii) in procurements due to inadequate compliance with the existing Bank rules of procedure. The Bank and the Government should take the necessary steps to reduce these delays to the bare minimum.

4) For procurements, it appears that to enhance the performance of the electric power companies, Governments should disengage from their direct management and subject the managers to obligation of results by putting them on performance contracts. Delays are observed at two levels: i) bid analysis until contract award; and ii) the Bank’s non-objection opinion until the contracts are signed.

2) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : To totally disengage from the direct management of SBEE and subject the managers to obligation of results by signing performance contracts with them.

3) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : Start SBEE’s financial reorganisation and release all of its capital.

4) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : To reduce the number of signatories and shorten the contract signing time, which should not exceed one month after the Bank’s notice of nonobjection.

5) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : Ensure the geographical consolidation of SBEE’s essential services.

6) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : To continue improving the staff level through training and judicious recruitment



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