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The jendouba irrigated agricultural development project « bou heurtma III »

PN10096 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 02-Sep-2006

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1) The best design compatible with the conditions of the area requires theimplication of all the parties concerned at all the stages of the project cyclein order to ensure a concerted structure, ownership of which can be easily assumed

2) The project was able to overcome its rigidity and adopt a more flexible approach which paved the way for the performances recorded (adjustments geared towards a better adaptation were made)

3) Identification. The analysis and management of risks are key factors in the performance of projects. The feasibility study of risks that can hamper a project’s development (such as the recovery of water cost, indebtedness, the marketing of produce, … etc.) is also as important as the technical study of the structures and the hydraulic lay-out of the scheme

4) The setting up of CCIAs right from the very start of the development process and the motivation of farmers has borne their fruit and even though the project is in its third year of development; the trend is very positive and a promising increase in the surface area being developed is taking place from one crop year to the next

5) A good infrastructure set up is likely to be lost if it is not maintained by the users themselves (via a preventive and curative approach). Hence, the need to create awareness among the irrigators and the CCIAs as to their responsibility in that regard. Consequently, the development of the scheme and its maintenance are the main determinants of the sustainability of the developments carried out

6) Maintenance can only be ensured if the scheme is working and the interests of farmers are being met in terms of the returns being derived from the crops and their farms. This consequently implies the taking of a good number of support measures: extension, technical advice, supply, marketing, access to loans; maintenance



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