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Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP IV)

PN10088 | Project Completion Report Review Note | 05-Jul-2006

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1) Clearly defining the spheres of competence of national entities guarantees the reform programme’s success.

4) Lack of clarification of the areas of competence between the various Government structures is not likely to improve their efficacy, enhance the programme performance and achieve the targeted goals

5) The creation of a programme implementation unit equipped with adequate material and human resources is a guarantee of satisfactory programme performance and the ownership of the reforms by the Borrower

1) Recipient(s): Beneficiary : Speed up the operationalisation of the IGF, clarify its positioning in relation to the IGE and harmonise the financial audit missions of the two structures

4) Recipient(s): Bank : Pursue the reforms and, in particular, accelerate negotiations with the IMF with a view to the definition and quick implementation of a programme under the budgetary support in 2006

6) Recipient(s): Bank : Have its programme implementation and monitoring guidelines complied with, notably the transmission, by the Borrower, of the programme implementation reports on the deadlines fixed in the appraisal reports and in the loan agreements

7) Recipient(s): Bank : Ensure approval by the Board of the First Budget Support Programme.



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