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Latest independant evaluation releases
Impact Evaluation of AfDB-Funded Ghana Fufulso-Sawla Road Project
| IE10004 | Impact Evaluation | Ghana | Transport

The objectives of this impact evaluation were: (i) to estimate the impacts of AfDB-supported integrated infrastructure projects on key intermediate and long-term outcomes; (ii) to identify explanatory factors that affect the development outcomes of the project; and (iii) to generate lessons and provide recommendations for improving the impacts of integrated infrastructure interventions.

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Evaluation of the AfDB’s Support to the Energy Sector in Africa
| SR10011 | Sector Evaluation | Power

The evaluation aims to help the Bank’s Management to account for its investments by determining the extent to which the Bank has contributed to the development of the energy sector in the RMCs; and to learn from its operational experience by identifying lessons on how the Bank can contribute most effectively to improving the performance of the energy sector.

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