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Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Program Based Operations: Energy Governance Cluster
25 Apr 2019 | CE10004 | Cluster Evaluation | Angola, Burkina Faso, Comoros, Nigeria, Tanzania | Power

The objective of the Energy Cluster Evaluation is to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of energy-related PBOs conducted in the five countries, synthesize the results and to draw relevant lessons for the future

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Mauritius: Evaluation of the Bank’s Country Strategy and Program, 2009-2018
05 Feb 2019 | CA10068 | Country Assistance Evaluation

The purpose of this CSPE was twofold: i) assess the extent to which planned development results of the Bank’s key interventions in Mauritius have been achieved and the reasons for the achievement or lack thereof; and ii) provide recommendations to improve the next country strategy. The evaluation thus focused on assessing the results of the Bank’s lending and non-lending interventions. The report draws from three sector reports and a technical report, following broad consultations with stakeholders and a data collection mission to Mauritius in April 2018.

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